Sustainability Initiatives

Click an icon to learn a quick fact about how we’re making conscious efforts to take care of our environment.


Domestically-sourced nuts

All of our nuts are sourced domestically to support local economies and minimize our carbon footprint.

  • Peanuts from Georgia not China
  • Hazelnuts from Oregon not Italy
  • Almonds from California not Italy or Spain

The majority of our ingredients are organic

Our peanut butter cups are made with 100% organic ingredients!

Due to short supply and extraordinarily high pricing, we are unable to source organic hazelnuts, peanuts and almonds for our nut butters at this time however, our nut butters are made with mostly organic ingredients and our future goals include converting all ingredients to organic.

Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa

We buy cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms, helping protect the environment and farming communities.

Sustainably Sourced Palm Fruit Oil

We use palm fruit oil because it minimizes oil separation which many consumers prefer. We source our palm fruit oil from a sustainably harvested farm in Brazil and are certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil for our supply chain.

Palm fruit oil contains no trans-fatty acids and much less saturated fat than coconut and palm kernel oil (all of which are still great alternatives to hydrogenated oils).


All of our products are free of any GMOs. We are currently in the process of verifying our products with the Non-GMO Project in order to bear the Non-GMO Project Seal on our packaging.

Recyclable Jars

Our jars are recyclable and our new round jars are now made with 26% less plastic than before!

Recycled Cartons

All cardboard is made with 100% recycled paper.

Wind Powered Facility

Our cartons, boxes and caddies are made in a facility powered with wind energy.


As of 2007 all US Almonds have to be pasteurized before fit for human consumption due to outbreaks of Salmonella.  Most Almonds are treated with the chemical and known carcinogen propylene oxide (PPO) while we pay a premium to have all of our almonds steam pasteurized.


We use Zero VOC inks on our cartons and squeeze packs.

Mindfully Sourced Ingredients

We source all of our ingredients as locally and sustainably as possible, always being mindful of the decisions we make and their impact on the environment.

Green Commute

Living in Boulder, CO gives us 360 days of sunshine each year, allowing us to ride bikes and walk to work whenever possible!

Honey Bee Initiatives

We support pollinator conservation by donating to The Xerces Society and aiding in awareness efforts put on by Whole Foods Market each year during the Share the Buzz program.


Our jars are BPA-free.

Sustainable Squeeze Pack Journey

Since the launch of our nut butter squeeze pack, we have been constantly working to on packaging solutions so we can feel as good about the packaging as we do the product inside. In 2010, Justin’s hosted the first ever sustainable squeeze pack summit bringing together retailers, manufacturers, packaging experts and industry thought leaders to discuss the state of the industry and how we can collectively make advancements in this space. We have made strides along the way but a bio-based film that can hold nut butter still does not exist. Today, we are actively looking and testing different materials in attempt to create a compostable squeeze pack.